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Monday, March 22, 2021

Nature takes care of itself

Hey gang,

I was out with my old roommate on the Rock River yesterday. We fished the area from the dam in Jefferson down past the Ditch and the S turn. We didn't have any notable success, but it was one heck of a day to be outside.

The water was just barely 42 degrees when we pulled out, which is usually about when things start to happen. (The wind was the real impediment yesterday)

But with the Full Moon on the 29th and the weather trend for the next 10 is time to get out. Warm spring rain on the way, with three high pressure days during the Full Moon Cycle is about optimal conditions for any spring river walleye fishing.

After that, the area lakes, which are about 90% open, will be ready to start giving up some spring panfish (and if you're so inclined some catch and release pre-spawn bass fishing).

Here's my 2021 version of the annual Rock River Resources post.

For those of you who have asked, regular reports will start in mid-April as my online teaching semester starts to wind down and I can be on the water on a regular basis.



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