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Friday, June 1, 2007

Silver Lake

Managed to break free for a few hours today and took the boat over to Silver Lake. Bob from the Journal Sentinel ended up joining me about half way through.

It was a little slow for Silver Lake. I caught eleven before Bob showed up at 10am, most working a carolina rig with a french fry. After Bob showed up we switched to wacky worms, and I ended up with 27 more bass ranging from about 8-16 inches before we pulled out at 12:30. I lost one really nice fish (3lbs+) as well. Over the course of the day I managed 5 that were "legals." Bob caught a handful of "Silver Lake Shorts while he was there."

The bluegills are moving up to spawn. It should be primetime by the middle of next week.

Working at the shop Saturday and Sunday. I may try to get out Sunday night depending on the weather, but I'll be out a couple days next week. I'm planning on hitting Oconomowoc and Golden for sure.

Good Luck Out There,