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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fishing Report 10-3-11

If you're thinking about heading out for a last go of it, this looks like the week to do it. The weatherman is calling for a period of stable weather, with decent afternoon daytime temperatures. The fish will be feeding, of that, you can be sure.

Concentrate on shallow structure that is adjacent to deep water. Rocks, gravel and sand that are shallow, but close to deeper drops will really pull in fish right now. Baitfish will be moving to the rocks, and the perch and juvenile bluegills will follow them in. Bass, Pike and Walleye will be right behind.

Here's what I would do. In the morning, fish tight to weed clumps, flipping or pitching, or using one of my favorite fall baits for fishing tight to cover, a buzzbait. You'll be able to grab a mixed bag of gamefish doing this. As the sun comes up, start moving off the sand/weed areas and looking for fish in rock/sand transition areas. Swimbaits, grubs and tubes are awesome for picking fish off the rocks, but if the action is a little faster go with a spinnerbait or a lipless crankbait.

If you're musky fishing, look for fish starting on the deep weed edges in 10-12 FOW. Casting with gliders, bucktails, cowgirls or jerkbaits can really produce, but we're really getting into sucker fishing season now, and you should always have one out. As the day goes on, start looking for fish to move into weed pockets to forage, and don't be afraid to look for fish in shallow water.

Around the area, Okauchee and Pewaukee have been outproducing Oconomowoc and Lac Labelle, but everything should be rolling this week.

Bass fishing has been good on Pine, Nag, Okauchee, Forest (yes Forest) The Genessee Lakes, Pretty, Golden and Silver.

Pike have been biting on Kessus, Nag, Ashippun and Pretty.

Walleye Fishing has been steady on Pine, slow on Lac Labelle, and about average on Oconomowoc. A few fish are being caught in the Dells, as well as the Rock River, but reports have been sketchy as more people are in their duck blinds or tree stands than fishing right now. No word yet on Fall whitebass, but stay tuned.

I apologize for the late post. I filed a report at the regular time, and I didn't notice that Blogger had spit it out. If you're ever looking for up to date info, just shoot me an email or give me a call, and I'll tell you what I can.


PS. Congrats to the Badger Fishing Team who took second in the Big Ten Tournament over the weekend.