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Friday, February 27, 2015

Fishing Update

Your last run at gamefish is this weekend, as inland gamefish season closes on March 1st.

There's one last chance to catch that trophy before you have to move to open season waters, until of course, open water.

Early (catch and release) Trout Season starts March 7th. More information is here with a good information video here.

Not much else happening in terms of open hit the ice and stay tuned, it'll be spring soon enough.

Update (3-2-15):

I just received this email from the DNR: Next Saturday's early trout season opener may be a bit on the chilly side, with statewide temperatures projected to remain below freezing through this week. The good news, state fisheries biologists say, is that many of the state's top trout waters feature strong groundwater flows and stay free of ice. So, the trout will be there waiting if anglers can gear up properly to manage the cold.

Join DNR fisheries staff for a live chat on Tuesday, March 3 at noon for a discussion all about the 2015 early trout season. From fishing tips to ways to have fishing success in the cold, our staff will be ready to take your questions.

To join the conversation, visit the DNR home page,, and click on the picture to join the chat or click on "ask the experts" in the Popular Links section. You can also join the chat via our Facebook page at and by clicking the “Ask the Experts Chat” link at the top of our page.