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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now...its time (Fishing Report 10-20-11)

Well gang,

I was really enjoying our fall weather, but it was making fishing a little complicated. With the dramatic shift in the weather over the last couple of days, things get simpler.

First off, live bait. If you're fishing for bass, pike or walleye, plastics, cranks and spinners will work, but now is really the time to make the switch to using oversized live bait. Big shiners(if you can get them) or small suckers. I like both lindy and split shot rigs as a presentation. Catching a drift while long lining live bait is a surefire tactic. Look for deep water adjacent to shallow structure. If the fish aren't on top of the bars, look for them in deep water just off the shallow stuff. The downwind side of points, where deeper water touches the long edge of a point will really concentrate fish.

The other advice I have this time of year to focus your attention on the bigger lakes. I much prefer to fish Okauchee, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, Nag and Lac Labelle this time of year. One there's no boat traffic, but two there's also more big fish to chase. My fall sleeper lakes are Pretty and Lower Genessee, both of which have huge pike.

Musky fishing has been slow and steady, but the cooler weather will turn things on quick. The water has been hovering in the low 60 degree range, but expect that to change quickly as the nights get cool. Now is the time to bust out the preposterously large jerkbaits, "pounder" bulldogs and the huge cowgirls you keep in your box. And if you're going out, never leave the dock without a sucker on a quick strike or lift-off rig. Now is when the sucker bite will really pick up.  Don't be afraid to ask for the biggest ones in the tank at Mikes, Dick Smiths or Smokey's when you drop in.

Look for musky in what's left of the weeds. If you see ciscos popping up, you're in the money zone, but look for weeds along rock bars and drops for some action. On sunny days, you will find a few musky patrolling the rock or sand shallows to feed on yellow perch.

Pewaukee has been slow, Okauchee even slower, Oconomowoc and Lac Labelle have been Okay. I heard of two high 40 inchers out of North Lake and a solid 46 out of Fowler. I'm sure all the lakes will turn on with the rain and cooler temps.

Good Luck, and be safe.