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Friday, May 2, 2014

Last minute updates for the 2014 opener

Should be an interesting opener this year. If you're heading up north, you might want to check in to make sure you understand the conditions where you are going to fish. There's still a bunch of ice from the sound of it.

Closer to home....trout made it into the lakes and ponds around the area (there's places up north where they haven't been stocked yet..because of the ice) The local list is part of my earlier preview post which you can read here. (Or just scroll down a bit) The big news for the local put and take trout is that is was almost all rainbows in our neck of the woods.

Conditions on the lakes have been fairly steady. Weed growth is limited and the old weeds which made it through the winter are in bad shape. The warmest water is in the usual spots, dark bottom bays with northern shorelines or near the spring fed areas.

You may find some stained water this weekend as well. The rains over the last batch of time have put some suspended load into the water, especially with all the dead plant material. I'd look for clear water with dark or sandy bottoms, and keep my efforts there. The weather report suggests that Sunday afternoon will be the best, especially if the sun comes out and there's a breeze from the south.

I'd take this approach on the lakes. Saturday morning, I would setup on points and breaks close to the outside of the areas where bass typically spawn, and I would fish live bait. Big shiners, small suckers or chubs would be my first choices. About 10am, I'd start moving into the coves and protected areas and dragging plastics or grubs. If you're seeing bait and or smaller fish swimming around, don't leave an area until you have fished it through. Lots of fish will concentrate on smaller areas. I'd do the same thing on Sunday, but Sunday afternoon/evening, maybe 1-5pm, I'd consider casting with minnow or jerkbaits or lipless cranks around any standing weeds you can find.

Panfish: Look for them to be in the shallows. Crappies have been biting (although it was better before this cold snap) There' s not much in the way of weeds, so lots of the fish are setup on reeds or wood. Laydowns in or over deeper will likely hold some fish, but don't overlook shallow dark bottom areas.

Bass: Texas rigged lizards, creature baits or tubes dragged very slowly at the outside of areas where bass spawn is going to produce. Dragging live bait will also work. Big shiners and small suckers will due the trick.

Walleyes: Live bait, vertical jigging with finesse tackle would be my choice approach. Start deep and work in on the breaks. Using you electric motor to pull lindy rigs is a good way to cover some water.

Pike: Go big or go home. Bucktails, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits or lipless crankbaits will be your best bets outside of a slip sinker rig with a big minnow. There's still a bunch of larger pike in the shallow marshy areas of many lakes.

Musky: I think there's an opportunity for a really big fish this weekend. Especially late on Sunday. I would bring the suckers, and fish a bucktail or jerkbait in a natural or neutral color pattern. A bunch of fish are still shallow, and a few are even still paired up. Look for them on the flats, especially if there's baitfish nearby.

Good Luck and Be Safe this weekend.


Take A Vet Fishing 2014

I'm proud to participate in the Take a Vet fishing event this year. This is a fantastic organization that does a simple, but important task, --gives back to the people who serve.

Here is a link to my post from last year. We had a good morning on Waubesa.

This year the fishing day is in early June, but the group is having a fundraising event Memorial Day weekend. Here's the flyer for the fundraising dinner. Consider supporting this event.