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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Link Added

There's a link on the right hand column that will allow you to download a short powerpoint presentation on the fly-in trip to Canada.

The dates are set Augst 22-29, 2009.

Take a look.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oconomowoc and Silver Trips

On Oconomowoc with new clients on Sunday Morning.

Fishing was tough, but the lake is starting to clear up a little. There's lots of new weed growth this season, especiallyin the the 6-12 foot depths. It might be a fantastic musky season this fall.

On Silver on Monday Afternoon with new clients.

Fairly typical trip for Silver. Better than 30 fish in about 4.5 hours of fishing.

Two things of note: 1.) Jigworms are outproducing wacky worms on Silver this season. 2.) Zac, one of today's clients, caught the first smallmouth I've seen come out of Silver. I have heard rumors of smallmouth in the lake, and it would appear to be a great lake for them to be in, but I was skeptical of the claims for a long time. I have guided for or personally caught literally thousands of bass from Silver over the past few seasons, but never once had even stumbled onto a smallmouth until today. As a result, I'll be taking a better look at some of the deeper structure on the lake for next season.


Our Canada trip keeps getting the details changed, but I've been talking extensively with the outpost operator and I think we picked a great lake, even if we have to change the dates of the trip. I'm waiting for confirmation that we have the slot. As soon as I know for sure, I'll be posting additional information.