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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Conditions for fishing! Fishing Report 3-17-12

Happy St Patrick's Day.

Runs continuing on the rivers. Walleyes and whitebass have moved into the rivers in force. The Rock River, the Fox River, Wisconsin River and the Wolf River are all in the midst of the spring runs.

On the Rock River, fishing has been good from the Jefferson Dam all the way to Blackhawk. Anglers are starting to pick up a few fish at the mouth of the Bark River. The "Starpole" hole has been producing some smaller fish, as well as the S turn. The water is below average levels for this time of year, but flows are steady. Watch your prop if moving through the Jefferson Rapids, or below the dam. I recommend anchoring with three way rigs, especially in areas with slack water adjacent to the holes.

Looking for a trophy? Larger walleyes are starting to appear at Depere. It is still early by most reports, so there's more fish rather than the big fish that will move in, but none the less, anglers are starting to report consistent success. Jerkbaits, jig and minnow, and lindy rigs are all producing.

Closer to home, the ice is gone and the panfish are biting. Focus your attention on the smaller lakes, or dark bottom bays/northern shore lines.  Fish will be migrating into shallow bays, boat channels, and marshy areas with dark or sandy bottoms. Sunny afternoons with a south or southwest wind will provide the best action until main lake areas catch up. Remember: North facing areas will be warmer, and fish tend to congregate in these areas early on. Current, in the form of a creek channel, or river area will help as well.

For now, focus on the green weeds in shallow protected bays with a northern bank. Concentrate your efforts on the patches of weeds, using live bait suspended under a bobber. Keep your bait just above the weeds, and any visible fish that you see. I like to use waxworms or spikes on a small red hook, or small/crappie sized fatheads-hooked in the tail, underneath a pencil bobber with just a split shot or two to keep the bait down. Be ready to start using plastics, especially for active fish, but for now, I'd start with the live bait and move to plastics later in the day.

 Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rock River: Now is the time

With the water level coming up, and the water temp rising quickly. Now is the time to hit the river.

White bass are starting to move in, which traditionally means the walleye will be spawning this week.

Get in the boat and get down there.