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Friday, April 6, 2007

Its cold outside.

The weather did take a turn back towards winter this week. It is 24 degrees outside as I write this post.

Since Fishing will slow down a bit, I thought I'd mention a couple of things.

1.) Musky Mikes Tackle Donation. I'm organizing a collection of used equipment through the shop to donate to the Wisconsin DNR's equipment loaner project. More information is available on the baitshop blog.

2.) New St Croix Musky Rod. Like most fishing fanatics, I have a plethora of rod/reel combos. I usually buy between five and ten setups each spring. I'm not sure how many I'll take in this year, but I guarantee one of the ones I'll be adding is a St Croix Legend Tournament Musky 8'3" XHF rod.

This rod is designed for throwing big plastics for musky, like the Bulldog. I love the Bulldog, but I've found it quite tiring to use in the larger sizes becuase I lacked a good rod that was designed for throwing these baits. I'll post a report on the rod as soon as the demos come into the shop. If they end up as great as advertised, Ray is talking about packaging the rod, a casting reel and a bulldog as a deal in the shop.

3.)My Fishing Resolutions for 2007.
---I will fish deeper this year.
---I will use the dropshot rig.
---I will do some night fishing this season.

4.) I've started taking bookings for this year. Call or email me for more information.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Weather Heading South

It looks like the weather is heading south for a few days. Depending on how things shake out, I may or may not get out again this week.

I'll be at the baitshop Saturday afternoon if you want to drop by or give me a call.

Springtime Crappies

I went out with Bob from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel yesterday afternoon.

We caught a couple dozen crappies from Okauchee. The article will run Easter Sunday.

Pine, Okauchee, North and Lac labelle all appear to have crappies on the move right now.

Yesterday's Data:
Water Temperature: Main lake, 40-42, Shallow Bays 44-46 degrees.
The fish are relating to weed growth in sandy areas in 4 to 10 feet of water.