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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1-6-10 Fishing Report

Just some quick information.

Ice conditions continue to vary, sometimes within a few feet of each other. Shallow bays are solid with a minimum between 4-8 inches in most areas. Deeper water has ice, but it can be as thin as 2 inches or as thick as 12. As always, be careful when heading out.

Panfish have been the most consistent. Some nicer panfish are being taken near deeper structure or close to the bottom in deeper areas adjacent to shallow water. You'll need a camera or electronics to effectively locate and target these fish.

Shallow water panfish continue to bite. Look for them in protected bays near any green weeds you can find.

Pike fishing has been slow and steady. Larger shiners on a rigged leader have been producing. Fishing the bays that are shallow and weedy in the summer has been a good starting point, but don't be afraid to spread your gear out a little to cover several depths. Mid depth areas with any weeds have been producing the better fish.

Walleye fishing is starting to pick up, especially just after dawn. There's a window of opportunity early in the morning in sand/rock transition areas where the larger walleyes are targeting juvenile perch. You probably won't catch many, but some larger fish have been reported.

Good Luck,