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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fishing Report 6-14-2017

First off, some administrative things.

I will post an updated report on Monday, then another later in the week, but the report later in the week will be based on the reports I collect each week rather than my on the water observations.

Disclaimer: I have been fishing North Lake all week. I have been out everyday, but my personal observations this week are based on one lake plus my usual assimilation of reports from the other folks I communicate with.  North is similar to many of our area lakes, but it does have some significant grain of salt and all.

Panfish: Crappie have moved out and are in the tops/adjacent to weeds in 8-15 FOW. Everything I heard this week suggests that the fish are relatively high in the water column. Meanwhile, bluegills are still spawning on most lakes but there's been lots of reports of people struggling to find larger fish. I'd propose that most people are fishing way too shallow for the keepers. Look for keepers in deeper sand in 12-18 FOW. Slip bobbers are a great way to target these deeper fish, but don't over look a heavy split shot rig or a 1/8 oz lindy rig with a #10 red hook and a panfish leech. I like to drag this setup.

Bass: Largemouths starting to move out deep, but are also starting to use docks, pontoons and slop. Early mornings the topwater bite was a little tough this week, but the mid morning bite (6-8am) was been steady. Wacky, jig and chunk, flapper grubs and skirted grubs up shallow....jigworms, dropshot and cranks are working out deep.

Lots of fish are using mid depth patches of milfoil, especially after the sun comes up. You can work grubs, jig and chunks or ned rigs through this sparse grass with a little effort. It has been the most consistent pattern for me this week.The fish seem to be up and chasing some smaller baitfish, ambushing bait that swims over them.

Smallmouth bite was steady, but fish have been mixed in with the largemouths, so it was hard to pattern them separately. Morning has been best as fish come up onto shallow areas to feed, but you can get at them in deeper water with texas or carolina rigs and with a dropshot or tube bait. If you don't see baitfish in an area, move to another. Best bet is just to fish "for bass" and catch the mixed bags.

Walleye have been moving in and out of the shallow weeds. Slow trolling/drifting with lindy rigs or  jigging with large/jumbo leeches has been productive, but early and late grubs, swimbaits, ringworms or floating minnowbaits fished along weed edges/in the tops of weeds has been producing. Shallow fish have been tight to weeds, but on both the inside and outside edges.

Pike fishing has been slow but steady. Typical action for this time of year...shallow weeds holding smaller fish that can be taken by casting lipless crankbaits, buzz baits or spinner baits. Looking for something bigger? Head out deep, (12-18 FOW) and use live bait (small suckers or large/jumbo shiners) on a slip sinker rig.

Musky I heard several reports that musky fishing picked up this week, with some better high 30" to low 40" fish being caught. I was surprised to hear this with the heat followed by unstable conditions, but there was something in the air this week apparently. Topwater seemed to be productive, but also heard that 3 quality fish were taken on shallow running jointed baits (ie Shallow Raiders). Note: all of this info is second or even third hand this week, but there was some chatter.

See you Monday,