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Monday, April 30, 2018

2018 Fishing Opener Resources

Hey Gang,

We're just days away from the 2018 Gamefish Opener.

For now, here's what to expect when you hit the water for the opener.

1.) Water temps in the low to mid fifties. Some isolated bays may be approaching 60 degrees if the weather cooperates this week.

2.) Limited new growth of weeds, and you'll find that very few piers are in.

3.) I'd focus my efforts in the warmer parts of the day. You may need to make some adjustments throughout the weekend as conditions change.

4.) Live bait, fished slowly is going to be a great way to kick off the season. I'd fish for pike or walleye and wait until the weather stabilizes a bit if you want to target bass. Patterns are patterns for a reason.

Here's a preview from Fisheries at the DNR

The 2018 Fishing Report is here. Some Local Highlights:

The DNR maintains a database of printable lake maps online.

There's also a easy to use reference to find boat launches at the DNR Website.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Local Tournament Schedule 2018

Tournaments on Our Local Waters: (Updated -5-10-18)

May 12th Musky
May 12th Musky (Yes there's two different ones the same day)
June 2nd Bass (Anglers Choice)
June 3rd Bass (Anglers Choice)
June 9th Bass (WABTA)
August 4th Multi-species (Lunkers Unlimited)
August 18th Bass (West Suburban Bass Anglers)
August 19th Bass (Anglers Choice)
October 14th Bass (Blackhawk Masters)
October 20th Musky (3 Charlies)

May 12th Musky
June 23rd Bass (Anglers Unlimited)
June 24th Bas (Anglers Unlimited)
September 8th Bass (West Suburban Bass Anglers)
October 20th Multi-species (Lunkers Unlimited)

May 5th: Bass (Whiskey Waters)
May 12th Musky
May 12th Bass (WABTA)
May 19th Bass (Anglers Choice)
June 2nd Bass (WABTA)
June 8th Bass (Whiskey Waters)
July 21st  Bass (Whiskey Waters)
August 3rd  bass (Whiskey Waters)
September 8th Bass (West Suburban Bass Anglers)
September 9th Bass (Anglers Choice)
October 6th Multi-species (Lunkers Unlimited)

June 3rd Bass (Kayak Bass League)
June 16th (WABTA)

Little Muskego:
May 20th Bass (Anglers Choice)
September 8th Bass (West Suburban Bass Anglers)

Tuesdays: Musky Mikes Tuesday Big Bass League (Okauchee) Shop site
Thursdays: Dick Smith's (Rotates between Nagawicka, Pewaukee and Okauchee)