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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fishing Report 5/5/2010

Well gamefish season is off and running. Here's a quick rundown.

Bass are in a spawn to post spawn mode. A few fish are still nesting, but many have completed the process. Expect to see males cruising the shallows or defending fry, but the bigger fish will be moving out to the first or second break. Bass fishing is likely to be a hit or miss proposition for a week to 10 days on most area lakes.

Pike action was steady, with lots of smaller fish being reported. Not surprising. Look for pike in shallow weedy areas. Ratttletraps and spinner baits are great options right now, as is a smaller sucker underneath a float.

Musky action was steady, with several large fish reported. Lots of follows, especially from larger fish. look for them in 5-10 feet of water near weeds or adjacent to spawning areas. The action is sure to pick up after the next batch of weather moves through.

Walleyes were almost absent for the opener by most reports. A few fish are still being caught in Jefferson/Ft Atkinson, but the bite on the local lakes was reported as pretty slow. I'd dive it a week, but if you're out look for them on shallow weedy points, and expect them to feed in little spurts a couple times during the day.

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Opening Weekend-Followup

Sounds like fishing was a little slow for the opener.....