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Friday, February 13, 2015

Fishing Report 2-13-15

Lots of fisheree's on deck this weekend, including the Dick Smith's annual event.

Assuming you're not spending time with your sweetie, you can expect some decent fishing this weekend.

Keep fishing the edges of deeper water near bays and current areas for pike. Bigger bait is now the ticket as we approach the pike spawn. Big fish will be staging and smaller fish will move towards shallow weedy and marshy areas. Kessus, Okauchee (especially Stumpy Bay and the Crane's Nest Area), Fowler, Golden and Moose are all hot right now. If you can make the hike, Garvin has been a solid producer (but shush about that!)

Walleye fishing has been good, Lac Labelle, Pine and Oconomowoc have all been producing fish, especially at night. Look for them as shallow as 5 and and as deep as 30 feet. Spread your gear across multiple depths until you find fish. If you're catching all small eyes, move out deeper. Sand/gravel transitions are the key structure right now, especially as the perch move into those areas in the early morning and late evening hours.

Panfishing has been slow but steady, and the most consistent action has been from crappie fisherman at night. Crappie tend to suspend just below the ice, so if you're seeing marks on your flashers high in the water column, you might be over a school of them. A live minnow, tailed hooked on a small red hook or a teardrop with spikes or waxies should do the trick. Bobber discipline is mandatory. The Genessee lakes, Okauchee, Golden, Nagawicka and Forest have all been productive. The Madison chain is giving up some decent bags, but pressure has been very, very heavy. Bites can be tough to detect on the type of windy and cold days we have ahead, so if you can get out of the wind, you'll improve your chances.

As for conditions, most reports have it solid on the local lakes. As always, caution is never a bad thing. If you're heading to Koshkonong or Winnebago, double check with the locals on the conditions. Be safe... buddy system, PFD and spud bar...always.

Good Luck,