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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fishing Report 9-21-12

Things have been busy for me personally, but by all accounts I've gotten, I haven't been missing much on the water. I expect that assessment to change.

Panfish have moved to the fall patterns. Look for keepers at the ends of long weedy points, or suspended around shallow grass in current areas. Plastics tipped with small live bait are usually solid options this time of year, but don't overlook the use of larger live bait for keepers.

LM Bass fishing has settled into a traditional early fall pattern. Fish will bite periodically through out the day, but usually in short feeding spurts. They'll hang tight to cover early, but get more active around 10am. Be ready to move around to find active fish, but concentrate on areas with rock/weed transitions.

SM Bass is time to break out the live bait. Fish will relate to breaklines, moving up to shallow water to feed, but then out to deep water between feeding runs. Deeper breaks off of points or shallow rocky areas are the best place to start. Don't be shy about the live bait, but deep diving crankbaits in white or crawfish patterns can save a day this time of year.

Pike fishing has picked up, with anglers reporting lots of action from smaller pike. In-line spinners, small bucktails and large plastics (especially reapers) are catching most of the fish. Look for them around weed clumps on the flat areas between 4-12 FOW.

Walleye fishing has been dead for the last ten days. I expect the fishing to get better as the weather stabilizes over the next period of time. A few anglers have been heading to the rivers to get a jump on the fall runs. Water levels are reported as very low, especially along the Rock River. Watch those lower units.

Musky fishing has been a little slower than I would have expected. Usually the first cold snap really triggers some significant activity, but based on reports, I'd say its below average. As stated, the weather has been a bit unstable, so that might have something to do with it. It is sure to pick up soon. In the meantime, gliders, dawgs, bucktails and jerkbaits are solid options, but it is sucker season, make sure to keep one out while targeting muskies.

Good Luck,