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Thursday, August 9, 2018

End Run: The Return of School is Imminent

Hey gang,

Schools right around the corner, and I'll have to hang the "gone working" sign up on this sight for a bit, but there's still time to get out.

I was out today with my two oldest kids ahead of the front, and we sliced them up fishing inside edges with grubs and flick shake rigs. I can't stress enough how much I have come to love the flick shake rig as a set-up for the kids. I can bass fish, and they can fish that around me with a simple lift, drop, count and catch their own fish. It works deep or shallow, and they can safely throw it around docks, swim platforms or pontoons. It has been awesome for teaching my kids how to line watch and keep contact with the bait.

I'm using a simple set up. A 1/16 wacky head and a 4 or 6" Zoom trick worm in either Green Pumpkin or Watermelon Red. I've got them rigged on 6' St Croix Medium Light spinning rods with Cadence CS5 and 6lb co-polymer line. My daughter (age 9) caught an 18" LM today on this setup. It works and its easy enough for somebody without real skills to use.

Full report tomorrow, but get on the water...things are happening now.