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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fishing Report 7-14-12

Sorry about the delay, between the heat and some boat problems, I've been tied up a bit.

The big news of course is the conditions on the water. This year's unprecedented weather has changed the dynamics of mid-summer fishing.

Water temps range greatly, and can be anywhere from the low 80's to mid 90's. Regardless it is something you'll need to pay attention to.

The other key factor on the water is weed growth. The mild winter and low hot days have really been a boon to weed growth this year. Matts are very thick, and weeds are growing deeper than in mot years.

So the hot temps and deeper weeds are moving fish out further than in previous years.

The third factor is the low water conditions. While we got some rain yesterday, the majority of local lakes are way down.

Panfish have moved to mid-summer depths. Look for them suspended off weed lines and main lake points about 18-22 feet down. Structure at those depths will hold fish close to the bottom. Drifting with slip bobbers, tightlining vertically or long-lining split shot rigs tipped with live bait is the best way to target keepers.

Bass fishing has been surprisingly good given the heat. Some fish are on the weedlines 12-18 and 18-22 FOW. Crankbaits, slow-rolled spinner baits, flapper grubs or texas rigs are the best options on the deeper fish. Live bait in the form of larger shiners or small suckers on a slip sinker rig with produce. Shallow fish are using the docks and slop. Pay attention to the shadows, and don't be afraid to make multiple skips or pitches to fishy looking spots. Wacky, skirted grubs, jig and chunk, flipping baits like beavers or tubes have all been productive.

Northern Pike fishing has slowed down with the heat. Deeper pike are biting good, especially those patrolling deep sand flats. Crankbaits, live bait or spinner baits will produce.

Musky fishing has been very slow, but a few people are trolling for them. Look for them to be suspended around schools of cisco over the deepest water. Please be careful with caught muskies this time of year, the heat is very hard on them. Give them plenty of time when reviving them, and don't keep them out of the water any longer than necessary.

Good Luck,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gone Fishin'

I've gotten several emails from people asking when I'll be updating the report. Look for a new report later this week.

Till then,