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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Fishing Report 9-22-2020

Around the area water is hovering around the mid to low 60's, but even with the stable warm weather on the way, expect the shorter nights to start dropping water temps. 

Weeds are still thick, and water levels are around average for this time of year. Baitfish are still very plentiful since many of them hatched late.

Panfish have begun to transition to fall patterns. Look for keepers at the ends of long weedy points, or suspended around shallow grass in current areas. Plastics tipped with small live bait are usually solid options this time of year, but don't overlook the use of larger live bait for keepers.

LM Bass fishing has settled into a traditional early fall pattern. Fish will bite periodically through out the day, but usually in short feeding spurts, and the afternoons and evenings are the best times of day. Topwater, especially buzzbaits and poppers will pull up active fish. Fish tight to cover early with slower, vertical presentations, but get more active with your presentations around 9-10am. Be ready to move around to find active fish, but concentrate on areas with rock/weed transitions, and when you find fish in an area, work it hard as many fish will be schooled up, chasing bait.

SM Bass is time to break out the live bait. Fish will relate to break lines, moving up to shallow water to feed, but then out to deep water between feeding runs. Deeper breaks off of points or shallow rocky areas are the best place to start. Leeches work great if you can still find them, but "walleye sized suckers", the biggest shiners you can find or chubs are worth it if you're chasing the fish of the year. Don't be shy about the size live bait or floating minnow baits (like a #11 rapala) but a deep diving crankbait in white or crawfish patterns can save a day this time of year.

Walleye fishing has been on the slow side for the last stretch of days. I expect the fishing to get better as the weather stabilizes. A few anglers have been heading to the rivers to get a jump on the fall runs, and some anglers on the Rock are reporting some whitebass are mixed in with the walleyes and cats they are getting, although it seems a bit off and on. 

Musky fishing has been a little slower than I would have expected, but is definitely starting to pick up as the water cools and the boat traffic dies down. Still a bit early for the pounders, but gliders, dawgs, bucktails and  jerkbaits are solid options, but it is the start of sucker season, so make sure to keep one out while targeting muskies.

Good Luck Out There,