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Friday, April 28, 2017

Fishing Report 4-28-17

Water temps are in the low to mid 50's. Rain, rain and rain with a side of rain has been on the menu special this past run. The days, especially the afternoons, have stayed cool and cloudy, and as a result, the water is not warming up quickly.

To rate it: fishing is at least average for this time of year, but not a drop more.

Crappies are active in the usual early spots. Look for them in shallow, protected areas with a north bank. Dark bottom areas with green weeds are especially good right now, but sandy areas near reeds will also produce. Small minnows, tail hooked, and suspended under a bobber is the best way to catch crappies, but if the bite is tough, don't overlook waxworms on an icefishing jig or a small #10 or #12 red hook.

Bluegills are starting to move in. Look for shallow, dark bottom bays with scattered weeds, woods or reeds. The fish may be very tight to shore. In areas with current, look for schools of fish in deeper holes and outside turns, even if these areas are very small. Remember the largest panfish will always be in the bottom of the school, so if you're catching fish, but they are small, try getting your bait a little deeper. Bluegills will hit on a variety of live bait, including redworms, waxworms and spikes. For active bluegills, plastics will outperform live bait, and will usually help keep some of the smaller fish off your line.

Walleyes and some cats continue to bite on the Rock River in Jefferson. Fish are still being taken from shellbeds, rockpiles and in the channel swings. Three way rigs with live bait on a fly or casting with heavy jigs and plastics have both been producing, but spinners and small rattletraps are really working in some of the flooded creek inlets. White bass are in their spring run. Look for them at the mouths of feeder creeks or up the Crawfish and Bark Rivers. If you're on the main river, you may find some schools holding over shelves in slack water. The fish should be getting ready to make the transition out to the lake soon, so this is likely your last chance to head down there for some river action. Note: the water in the river is high, fast and dirty...keep that in mind.

Gamefish opener is right around the corner, but the cooler weather has slowed the fishing down. Check back later this week for my annual gamefish opener post. You can sign up for my fishing reports and have them delivered via email, as well as follow this blog. The links are in the column to the right.

I have some openings in May, if you're interested in getting out...just email me