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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fishing Report 9-14-12


Sorry about last weeks report, I didn't realize it wasn't posted.

I love September. I wish I had more fishing time, but my professorial duties are more involved in fall than summer....add in the kids, a second job...and wow, its amazing how time flies. Some of the best fishing of the year is between now and the end of the season.

The cooler nights are changing the conditions on local lakes. Water temps have dropped significantly, and are in the mid to high 60's on most lakes. On warmer sunny days, lakes may be as warm as the low to mid 70's. Much depends on what the night proceeding your fishing trip was like. The weeds are still very thick, but the baitfish schools are starting to thin out as fish put on the feedbag. In other words, it is time.

Bass fishing  has been steady for a couple weeks. Fish are relating to the ends of points, and inside weed edges. A couple times a day, small schools of fish will make a foraging run into shallower water. Small crankbaits can be dynamite this time of year, especially for numbers, but skirted grubs and jig/chunks are my go to baits most days, Smallmouth usually go on a tear on our area lakes in the fall, and we're just on the front side of this happening this year. If you're having trouble connecting with active fish, look for the in the deep water, adjacent to the shallow structure. Plastics, cranks and jigs will work, but as the days get shorter, live bait will become a better option for big fish.

Walleye fishing is slowly starting to pick up on the area rivers, although the water is still way down on most of them. On the area lakes, the fish will be anywhere there's baitfish around weeds or rock/weed transition areas in 8-12 or 15-22 feet of water. If you catch one, fish through the area very methodically. I'm still catching a few pulling slow death rigs around the ends of points and along weed edges, but the bite is inconsistent at times.

Pike fishing has been steady and getting better. Pike will remain active in 10-22 feet of water along weed edges, points or sand/gravel transition areas. Spinners are always a solid option for pike, but as the water cools I usually switch back to crankbaits, especially lipless crankbaits in a gold or silver pattern or wide wobbling deep divers in natural or red/white patterns. Jerkbaits are also a great option right now, especially suspenders worked around weed clumps where there are visible baitfish.

Musky fishing is set to get really good. Now is the time to start working for this years trophy. Gliders, bucktails and jerkbaits are all solid options for casting, and remember to keep a sucker out on a quick strike rig for lazy followers. Right now, look for the them to be using weeds in 12-15 feet of water or rocks in 6-12 feet of water. The fish can be really shallow, even in the middle part of a sunny day, so be ready to be mobile.

Good Luck,