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Friday, April 8, 2016

Fishing Report 4-8-2016

Greetings again.

If you have a window that allows you to see outside, you may have noticed that our local weather conditions haven't been fishing friendly.

That said, early spring conditions continue on the local lakes. Early warming, protected bays with dark sand or rock bottoms, or areas with current continue to give up some fish, especially in the late afternoons during the warmer parts of the day. Windy conditions have limited the days and areas people are fishing...but if you can brave it North, Okauchee, Garvin Oconomowoc, Lower and Middle Gen, Golden, Ashippun, School Section, Nag, Lower Nashotah and Moose are giving up decent bags of keeper panfish.

River fishing is in a weird spot. Walleyes would appear to be in all three stages of the spawn, but fishing for them has been steadily inconsistent. The Rock River is high, dirty and fast with the recent weather, and while people are still catching fish, lots of undersize fish are still being reported. White bass are starting to make a move, but catches have been limited.

Around the state, the Dells have been spotty like the rock, Depere is giving up some quality fish, but in limited numbers by traditional standards. The runs on the Fox and Wolf Rivers are likewise in a weird half-completed status.

Get ready for things to start happening as soon as the weather gets stable and spring actually sticks around for a