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Friday, February 10, 2012

What's happening....

My son Shannon had a half day of school today, so we did what a father and son should do on a snowy day, we went to State Fair Park to the 20th Annual Milwaukee Muskie Expo.

Met and talked with lots of people. Saw a really innovative piece of boat hardware in the MACCCCS Inc Net Holder. It's not available yet, but the display and demo were impressive.

Lots of interesting tackle. Rollie and Hellen's have a huge booth again this year. Also got a chance to chat with Beaver from Jerry's Sport Service about a new boat. I'm considering upgrading to a Lund Impact, to expand my guiding options.

One of my favorite musky lure outfits, Thuja Lures wasn't at the show, but Charlie did send over some  a picture of his new topwaters today. He's been working closely with the folks over at Smokey's to refine his process and colors. Check these out.....

I've had good success with Thuja topwaters on our local lakes, especially on Okauchee, Garvin and Oconomowoc Lakes. They are handcrafted wood designs, so they have some mass, but I like the size profile and the action on the ones I have, especially my Bog-Hog globe.

Stay warm and water is just around the corner.