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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ice fishing continues to be steady and consistent, for ice fishing anyway.

Bluegills are being caught in shallow weeds in 6-8 and 12-15 feet of water, although anglers are finding them suspended in deeper water on a few lakes. Live bait on a tear drop, ratfinkee or similar has been producing. Pinks, Greens and purples are the hot colors, but don't overlook my favorite, blue.

Crappies have been biting in spurts early and late. The mid afternoon bite, which was red hot for a couple of weeks has dropped off. Fish will suspend over deeper water structure, in the tops of mid depth weeds 5-10 feet or in areas with current flow. Tail hooked minnows on a very small red or green hook, waxies and wigglers have all been productive. Watch for light biters.

Pike continue to relate to weed beds in 8-15 feet. The best areas are adjacent to where panfish are being caught, especially for the larger fish. Kessus, Okauchee, Moose and Fowler have been very productive, especially in weedy transition areas adjacent to deep water. Large bait catches bigger fish, but consider using heavy florocarbon leaders (in place of steel) for spooky fish, especially as more anglers start hitting the lakes for jamborees.

Walleye have been hit or miss by most accounts. The lakes with good populations have had some action, but with most anglers targeting panfish, reports have been inconsistent. The anglers who are catching fish are doing so out of sandy areas in 10-15 feet, and close to dark.

Good Luck and be safe,