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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pike vs Duck

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Fishing Report 7-28-11

Well gang, as the weather has stabilized, so has the fishing. If you're heading out, you can expect the fishing to be fairly typical for summertime on our area lakes.

A couple of activity notes: This weekend is the Okauchee Lake Tie-up (Saturday) and there's a bass tournament on Sunday.

As for the fishing, morning and evenings, not surprisingly, have been the best times to be on the water. Anglers are catching a mixed bag of largemouths. Deep weedlines in 12-18 FOW, piers-especially with rock or sand underneath, slop and shallow bars near deep water are all holding fish. Texas rigs, slow rolled, spinnerbaits and crankbaits are catching the deeper fish. Wacky, jigworms, pre-rigged worms and small crankbaits are catching fish out of the shallow water. A few nice fish have come out of the smaller lakes flipping (rather than topwater fishing) the slop on florida rigged plastic craws. Personally, I continue to catch a nice batch of fish on flappers fished over/in holes on mid-depth weedflats in 6-8 FOW.

Smallmouth fishing has been slow and steady this season. I think the warm temperatures have pushed the baitfish out, and many smallmouth are suspending just off the structure in the deeper water. As the crayfish begin to molt, expect to start seeing wolfpack groups foraging in the shallow rocks, or rock/sand transition areas. Right now, fish just a bit deeper than normal, using tubes, wacky and jigworms. If the bite is tough, downsize a bit. A wacky rig with a french fry in place of a senko style bait can be just the magic you need at this point in the season.

 Musky fishing has been on fire since the weather cooled off.  Trolling deep with big cranks and jerkbaits has been the primary pattern, but a few fish are being taken on topwaters, again early and late in the day. Gliders fished fast along turns in the deep weedlines has also been productive.

Walleye fishing has remained slow since the oppresive heat we've been experiencing started. Slip bobbers, with leeches, fished over weeds is usually a pretty good daytime presentation this time of year,. At night, back troll with suckers on lindy/slip sinker rigs in 18-22 fow, targeting areas with healty sandgrass. Longlining spinner harnesses around structure at the depth of the thermocline will also usually produce both day an night. For now, I'd target other fish.

Bluegills are doing their summer thing. Look for them to suspend along the weedlines or out over deeper water. 12-18 feet deep over much deeper water is a great starting point. Drifting along the deep edges with bait suspended vertically is a solid presentation option. I've continued to catch some quality gills in the 8-15 feet depth on a couple of the smaller lakes. (See Below)


Okauchee: Boats, Boats and more boats will be the story on Okauchee this weekend. If you're going out, bass are on the piers, in the slop and on the weed edges in 8-12 feet. Musky are feeding in the shallows in the morning, and then moving out to 18-22 feet.

Garvin: Great spot for panfish. Look for the sunken wood in 10-15 feet.  Bass are using the shallow flat on the south end and the weedline turns. Pike have come off the deep weedlines on the northwest and north east corners, and suspending over the deeper water.

Forest: Panfish and pike have been biting. Live bait over the deep holes on slip bobbers for panfish, inline spinners for the pike.

Oconomowoc: Mornings and evenings have been best. Bass are holding on the obvious structural breaks and suspending off the deep ends of the mainlake points. Largemouths are still more active than smallmouth. Northern pike has been better than average for anglers with small suckers catching the majority of the fish.  Musky fishing was picking up, but lots of fish are still doing lazy follows, and lots of people are reporting that they are seeing fish over the tops of weeds chasing juvenile gills.

Fowler: Small panfish are biting, a few LM were caught in the river and out of the deep slop. Pike are on the weedlines.

Lac Labelle: Walleye fishing was steady, but a little slow on weed edges along the 8-12 foot breaks and drop-offs in 10-18 FOW. Musky have moved out to suspend over deep water in the main basin. White bass have been stealing lots of bait from walleye and panfisherman.

Moose:  Bass and pike continue to bite, and action has been good. Target the breaks and weed clumps in shallow water with crankbaits or spinners. Backtrolling with small suckers on a slip sinker rigs around the first major drop to deep water has been a hot tactic, especially in low light conditions.

Ashipunn: Bass and pike have been good. Best bet on Ashipunn is to concentrate on the visible weed patches, and work them from a variety of angles with spinners or plastics. Panfish are suspending in the deep part of the basin, about 18 foot down.

Golden: Bluegills are in deep water, suspending over the deep part of the basin, but holding close to weed edges and the major structure. Typically, bass have been biting best on q deeper weedline bite. Topwaters, plastics and spinners are all producing. Pike have been biting, especially on small suckers fished along the deep weedlines and on spinnerbaits fished through the weedy areas.

Silver:  Bass can be caught using plastics around the weed clumps in 4-15 feet or around piers and boat lifts. Crappies have been suspending over the east cribs, and keeper bluegills are holding in the deep sandgrass in 18-25 FOW.

Nagawicka: Largemouths are average, and in summer patterns so look to catch them off boat docks, in the slop and along the shallow weed edges. Pike have been average, especially on crankbaits or buzzbaits fished over weed edges at either end of the lake. No report on walleyes.

Pewaukee:Musky fishing is picking up, especially for the guides who have been trolling. Bass fishing has been very good.

Lower and Middle Genessee: Panfish have moved to the deeper water. Lindy rigging with live bait, especially dillys or leafworms or slip bobbering with plastics tipped with waxworms or spikes  has been very good for panfish. Night fishing is in full steam on Middle.

If you've got specific questions: Feel free to email me.

Good Luck Out There,

Musky Mikes Okauchee Lake Pike Tournament

Musky Mikes is having a Northern Pike Tournament on Okauchee Lake

This is something many people have asked about doing over the years.

Rules and entry form here.