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Monday, February 7, 2011

Fishing Report 2-7-11

Hey gang,

Fishing slowed down a little the past week to ten days, people are still having solid success, but the pressure from the fisherees made the bite a little tougher for many anglers.

Pike continue to bite in 6-10 feet, especially in areas with weed/sand transitions. Better pike are starting to stage in 10-15 feet adjacent to spawning areas. Live bait has been outperforming deadbait, especially when presented with a florocarbon leaders. After our next cold snap this week, look for pike to start to make a move to the marshy areas to prepare for the spawn. Smaller fish will go first, but the larger fish won't be far behind.

Crappie continue to bite early and late. The key the last week was to find current areas that were holding them. People I talked to said the bite would get hot for about 30 minutes and then drop off. Some nice bags were being taken in 12-15 feet of water adjacent to current areas. Look for suspended fish, and remember to fish just above them.

Bluegills continue to bite shallow, but the better fish are suspending in deeper water. You'll need to be mobile and use electronics to get at the suspended fish, but if you find a batch, hold on, the action can be great.

Walleye are biting in 8-12 and 18-22 feet over sand and gravel areas, the best bite has been just before sun-up.

Good Luck,