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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fishing Report 4-15-14

Tax day. Snowy weather...time to blow off some steam in the boat.

Local lakes still have various levels of ice, but are (or at least were) opening up.Very early yet, but you may be able to access some areas to chase panfish. Look for them to be active in the early afternoons, especially on warmer sunny days.

North banks of small cuts with shallow and dark bottoms will concentrate fish early on. Dark bottom areas adjacent to current will also hold fish. Long winter was tough on weeds, so look for fish around wood, docks or reeds.

River fishing has been a mixed bag. Whitebass are starting to run in the Rock River between Blackhawk and the Jefferson Dam. Feeder creeks with flowing water and current breaks close to shore are your best bet. Some walleyes are still being caught, but as is typical the bite peeked and then quickly dropped off. Catfish have been very active, especially on deeper flat areas out of the main channel.

Various fishing reports have the Dells still humming, but I didn't hear of anything personally the last week.

Depere is happening. Lots of fish being caught in Depere. Bigger fish are coming at night. Conditions have been tough by the reports I have gotten, but the action is steady.

More as I get it.

Good Luck, Be Safe.