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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fishing Report 8-23-13

Wow, summer is coming to a close and you can bet that the fish know it.

This has been a good fishing season, but patterning fish has been challenging at times. I expect to see that change over the next five weeks. I have been out each of the last six days for several hours. The fish are transitioning to fall patterns.

Panfish are moving to weed-edges and shallow weed clumps at the end of points. Classic fall behavior. The best fishing is in the deeper weeds along the bottom/drop off of main lake structure/points. Slip bobbers will work, but vertically fishing for the deeper fish can really produce. Don't be afraid to use big bait, inlcuding panfish leeches if you can find them.

Bass are starting to school up and chase bait. Look for active fish to be chasing late hatching baitfish on shallow flats. Topwaters, jigworms, grubs and wacky worms can really catch some quality bags right now, especially if you're close to active fish.

Walleye are using weed edges and patrolling the flats for bait. Jigging in the weeds can be dynamite, especially early and late.

Pike are making an early fall move, and I saw several quality pike patrolling the shallow water in search of food when I was out yesterday and today. Buzzbaits, spinners and small lipless crankbaits will all produce right now.

Musky fishing is picking up as anglers start breaking out the big gear. A few fish are being caught, but I think it needs a week or two to really get started.

Updated fishing report: 8-23-13

I'm heading out right now, but the updated report will be posted later today.