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Friday, December 14, 2007

Madison Ice Fishing

Heads up:

I stopped by my favorite greasy spoon (The Curve) for breakfast this morning on my way to my final exam, and there's a bunch of guys out on the ice just off of Park Street in Madison. They look to be chasing panfish and they also look like they're catching some.

Just FYI.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Reports are starting to filter in. The shallow bays and channels on the area lakes have between 3-6" of ice. I'd be very careful over any deep water as we've had more snow than cold.

Panfish have been a mixed bag on the early ice. Local lakes seem to be giving up plenty of fish, but they are running small. I'd stick with a teardrop, a ratfinkee or a very small red hook tipped with a waxie, spike or mousie for right now. Look for the fish to relate to any weeds that are still green and/or any submerged wood that you can get on.

Pike have also been active but running small. I'd venture shiners are producing more fish than smelt at this point, but it will vary day to day. The shop has some great pre-made leaders for running under tip ups, and that's how I'd hit them for now.

Hot Tip: Lac Labelle's ice report is sketchy, so be careful if you are heading out. make sure to take a buddy and spud your way out. I do know that a batch of fish (Walleyes and Pike) have been caught off the flat in front of the West Flagpole. Jigging with a small northland fireball, either green or orange and green tipped with big fatheads was getting the job done better than tip ups. I don't know if there were any keeper walleyes caught (20 inch size limit on Labelle) but I do know a large number of fish were caught, some even during the day.

Be careful out there, and good luck.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Baitshop Blog

Eric's going to be taking over the baitshop blog. I'll still be posting there, but my ramblings are going to move to this neck of the woods.

Stay Tuned.