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Friday, April 1, 2011

Rock River Condition Update 4-1-11, Primetime for Fishing for Walleyes

It is on.

Start looking for fish in current breaks, over small rocky areas, or in the inside turns along the main channel where eddies form. Current breaks that are formed by downed timber can be unbelievable.

Jig and plastic or jig and minnows will produce. The Water remains high, but the current is steady, and just about right for good drifting.

This weekend, with this batch of rain coming through today, will make for perfect fishing conditions. Look for  feeding activity to happen in spurts throughout the day this weekend.

Blackhawk Island has been the most productive, but the anglers up river have been doing very well, especially those willing to work for fish.

Next on the menu: White Bass on the rivers, and crappies on local lakes.

Good Luck,

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