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Monday, March 28, 2011

Rock River Fishing Today 3-28-11

Got out for a few hours today to give it a go. Nice sunny day....amazing how much sun your skin can get after a winter here.

Launched at Kmart, fished the downriver hole. Went with anchors and three ways, then did a drift jigging. It was a tough day. The water is cold, high and fast as advertised. Marked plenty of fish on the sidefinder, and had bunch of short bites, but other than some sheephead action, it was a slow day.

Not much happening in the handful of other boats we saw either.

Water was 34.2 degrees at launch around 10:30, just pushing 34.9 when we pulled out at 4:00.

Need some warmer days, and we need the nightime temps to quit dropping so low.

Stay Tuned.

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