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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Conditions are steady, water is cold.... almost time to fish the Rock River again.

But here's the key. There certainly are fish in the river, but with the water temp hovering so low after this cold snap, getting those fish to bite will be a challenge.

Drifting with jig/minnows? You'll need to slow down and hover over the break lines in the deeper holes, structure, current eddies or the shallower outside turns. Drifting at the current speed will probably be to fast for these fish.

Anchoring is always a better option when the water is high, fast and cold/ Try to position yourself at the upriver end of a deeper hole. You want to be right over the top of the grade into the deep part of the hole. Fish vertical with your three way rigs, use enough weight to keep your presentation just next to the boat, then reel up the slack so that your rod tip is just barely loaded. From there, its just a matter of line watching. You have a bite when you see your line stop moving in the current.

When  I anchor on the Rock in these conditions, I use a very short leader to my weight. no more than 15 inches, but usually closer to six or eight. The leader to the hook is also short. I usually use a small red treble baited with a fathead or tuffy minnow. If the water is really dirty, like right now for example, I'll add a bead or two for color on the leader line just above the hook.

I'll run as many as three rods per person, and I'll check each one every five minutes by taking it out of the rod holder and lifting the weight off the bottom. When you pull the weight up, if there's a fish there, you will feel the resistance while the weight is loose. Immediately set the hook.

Until the water gets back up to 40 degree mark, the bite will likely be slow and light.. This method is fantastic for catching light biting walleyes in current.

Good Luck,

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