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Monday, May 6, 2013

Local Tournaments-Update

Building on my earlier post here, I have information on two more tournaments.

First, there's a weekly Monday night tournament on Nehmabin. I believe it is held out of the Channel Inn by the public boat launch. I've never fished it, but Becky Smith told me about it.

I also have the schedule for Thursday Nights that are sponsored by Dick Smith's.

May 9 Nagawicka (Public Launch)
May 16 Pewaukee (Kim's Lakeside)
May 23rd Nagawicka
May 30th Pewaukee
June 6th Nag
June 13th Pewaukee
June 20th Nag
June 27th Pewaukee
July 4 Nagawicka
July 11th Pewaukee
July18 Nagawicka
July 25th Pewaukee
August 1 Nag
August 8th Pewaukee
August 15th Nagawicka
August 22nd Pewaukee
August 29th Nagawicka
September 5th Pewaukee
September 12 Nagawicka

Saturday :September 15 Classic-On Nagawicka

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