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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hook and Look TV Show Season Five Episode 2

Finally caught the episode on dock fishing. I hope the whole episode ends up on line some day as it was that informative, especially for people in our area, where fishing docks/pontoons is a key strategy for bass fishing.

Here's a screen shot I took from the online preview:

I think this shot is telling. And much of the conclusions Kim and Danny Stricker make based on the observations reflect my own experience.

Look at the shadow, and the position of the bass in this picture. there is a defined ambush line along both sides of the pontoon above. Notice also the fish is towards the shoreline, rather than the back of the boat. This is a critical observation, one the hosts noted themselves.

When fishing docks/pontoons, I believe many people (and I'm guilty of this from time to time as well) fish around the outside edges of the piers. But if you look at this picture, the fish is in the center-back of the boat. You may be missing lots of fish by not fishing the sides, rather than just underneath the boats and docks. 

One other observation the show made that I thought was very interesting: In most, but not every case, there was only one larger bass under a pontoon or dock. If you think about your own experience, how often do you catch more than one fish off any particular dock on our lakes? I know of a couple docks that are usually multiple fish holders, but when I think about the docks I routinely catch fish off of, it is usually just one fish.

All food for thought.



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