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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fishing Report 4-13-2012

Friday the 13th.

Well the main news is that less people have been fishing, and less fish are being caught. The cooler weather has made the bite tougher than it has been. Water temps are back in the low 50's in most areas, although you may find some warmer water in protected bays or the smaller lakes.

Technique hasn't changed much, but depth has. Fish are still relating to shallow green weeds in dark bottom bays, but some fish have pulled back out to deeper water. I'd start shallow, and if you can't find active or big enough fish, move out to the next break, even as deep as 12 FOW.

Crappies will bite minnows suspended above them, but the best way to bait them right now is to use a much smaller aberdeen hook, and hook your minnow through the tail. Over the years I have found this to be a much better way to present a minnow to finicky fish, and I am continually surprised how many people fail to consider the use this little trick. If the bite is really tough...two waxworms on a very small hook can produce some bites. As always, fish tight to cover and keep the bait above the fish.

Bluegills are still using the weeds, but keepers have been harder to come by. I'd stay away from the bigger water and focus on small bays, or the smaller lakes. Areas with dark bottoms or reeds will concentrate fish.

Weather looks to be a bit unstable, so expect conditions to change over the weekend. Warm weather will probably turn the fish back on.

Questions...comments or me.

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