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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Musky Mikes Tuesday Night Big Bass League: Covid Protocol


We ARE still having the Tuesday Night Bass Tournament starting May 5th, 2020, however there will be a few changes to keep our social distancing during this time. We are still having it held at the Hide Away, but they are closed. We will start 6pm and end at 9pm last boat must be docked. As far as Boat number assignments we will not be having you draw them, it will be done at random hat draw and it will be assigned to you prior to live well check. During live well checks you will be asked to exit your boat if we need to get on to see the live well. At 9pm if you do not have a fish please DO NOT RETURN. With that being said you will not be able to get off the boat until your boat number is called for weigh in’s, only 1 person off the boat at a time, you will return to your boat until winnings are called. We will announce the winners and at that time you will come get your winnings. Musky Mikes wants to be able to continue the Tournament during this time, so please lets work together and make this happen.
Thank you
Musky Mikes

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