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Friday, April 21, 2017

Fishing Report 4-21-17

Hey gang,

Water temps are solid in the low to mid 50's on our area lakes. Warm water is where it is at for panfishing right now.

Panfish are starting to make a move into the traditional shallow water areas on area lakes.  Sunny afternoons with a south or southwest wind will provide the best action until main lake areas catch up. Remember: North facing areas will be warmer, and fish tend to congregate in these areas early on. Current, in the form of a creek channel, or river area will help as well.

For now, focus on the green weeds in shallow protected bays with a northern bank. Concentrate your efforts on the patches of weeds, using live bait suspended under a bobber. Keep your bait just above the weeds, and any visible fish that you see. I like to use waxworms or spikes on a small red hook, or small/crappie sized fatheads-hooked in the tail, underneath a pencil bobber with just a split shot or two to keep the bait down. Be ready to start using plastics, especially for active fish, but for now, I'd start with the live bait and move to plastics later in the day.

Be ready to sort through smaller fish to get keepers, but understand that there's some quality keepers to be had very shallow right now. Current, green weeds or reeds and shallow submerged wood are great places to start.

Here's Quinn with one we got before we stocked muskies yesterday.

Also, since the blog started back up, I've had a few requests for Lake Michigan information to be included. Probably bears mention that I only rarely fish the big pond, but the DNR Lake Michigan Report is here if you're looking for information.

Check out our post on the MCW musky stocking on Okauchee. I'll be back next week with an update for the week, and watch for my annual pre-opening day post with lots of resources and up to date scouting on conditions.

Great to be back. Looking forward to another season with you.


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