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Friday, May 1, 2015

Opening Weekend Care Package...

Just received a small order from Muskie Metal and just in time for opening day.

I can't wait to try these custom color combos. Orange and Black is, and has been, an Okauchee special color for a long time, and this order has a pair including a Model 1 and a Model 3.

There's also a model one with one of my favorite bucktail blade combos: silver and chartreuse with a chartreuse flash skirt.

The prize of the box is my custom request for the single bladed Model 5 with a gold blade and "lemonade" skirt (seen in the lower photograph above). You can take it to the bank, that will be the bucktail I will have tied on for opening weekend. I like double bladed models, but I also like a little more subtle approach early in the season. The Model 5, with a larger blade (#12), is a balance between going big or going home, and I can't wait until I get some casts in with it. See you out there with my bucktail rod in my hand.