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Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekend Update 3-13-15

Well gang, the nice weather has some water open...stress on the some, and double stress on the need for serious safety if you're going to put a boat in the water.

According to a couple of sources...there's fishable water open in the Dells and at Fremont. Not much, but some. I'd suggest caution, and maybe a phone call to a local source before you make the drive. Shore fishing has started at Depere, but obviously it is very early. Apparently some boats are launching at Bender Park as well, but I haven't heard anything personally either way, or anything about the harbor fishing conditions.

Dick Smith's "Hot Spots" dated 3-11-15 says there's open water below the Jefferson Dam and Becky and her crew always have good information. Everything I have heard says that the ice is heavy at Indianford and Jefferson, and the Fort Atkinson/Blackhawk Island launches are still locked in. With this weather, things will start to happen quick, but as off 3:30pm Friday, I've heard fishable water was "very limited" on the nearby sections of the Rock River.

I'm hearing mixed reports about the local ice, but a consistent drone that the fishing (now only for panfish) on most of our local waters that fishing has been pretty slow.

I'll be prepping the boat this weekend, and I'm going to try and get out next week (Spring Break at UWM) and I'll get you information as I get it.

Thanks for tuning in for another open water season.


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