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Monday, March 23, 2015

Triggering Events

When Musky Mike was alive he and I would have long talks about fishing patterns, and things to watch for. It is a conversation I have had many times, but along different ideas, with some of the best fisherman I have ever known in my life. Texas bass fishing legend Jackie Walker taught me more about fishing in a single weekend than I could have learned in years of trial and error on the water. He too was a big proponent of the concept that in each year there are a couple of near perfect fishing opportunities that arise.

Friends, I believe we are approaching this year's first window. The precipitation that will fall over the next week, combined with a slowly rising temperature and a Full Moon Phase in the cards for later next week, you have a solid window opening for river walleye fishing between now and Easter.

Small males are already staging for runs to the spawning grounds, the bigger fish usually follow them in 7-10 days later....which means this year, things are right on schedule. Nature takes care of itself with these things, and we're looking at a solid window of opportunity starting mid week.

Get on the water.


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