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Friday, April 12, 2013

Fishing Report 4-12-13

Well, it is spring. Fishing time.

The major issue right now, is where to go. The Rock River is approaching peak run for walleyes, but the flooding there has implemented a shore fishing and boat launching ban in Ft Atkinson. Jefferson has closed the new launch by the Wastewater plant to you the lot to distribute sand for sandbags. With Blackhawk Island also flooded out, the only launch available below the Jefferson dam is the old one on Riverside Drive. As you know, that's launch is fairly primitive, and there's no dock there, so plan on using a two man team to get out.

Personally, I'd stay closer to home. The ice is off the lakes after this relentless rain the past week, so its time to start fishing for panfish on the local lakes.

Focus your attention on two areas....the warmest water you can find (typically in dark bottom shallow areas with North banks) or areas with green weeds and current. The fish will not yet have moved into the reeds or onto the wood, unless those things are in one of the two areas I describe.

Best to keep your presentations on the finesse side of things for now. Waxworms or spikes on a #10 or #12 hook  can be a fantastic approach for the early part of this season.

I'd stick to the traditional early spots. School Section, the Geneessee,  Forest, the small bays on Okauchee (Garvin, Tierney, Whitigers and Stumpy),  West end of Silver, North End of Golden, the channels on Nag.

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