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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On the Water-The Oconomowoc Catch Up Edition

I realized today that I have been fishing more than I have been posting. I apologize.

Fishing for bass has been good, but not necessarily great. I've been putting some serious time in on Oconomowoc over the past couple of weeks. Oconomowoc is traditionally a hit or miss kind of lake, but even by that standard it seems a bit slow out there. I'm catching fish, but there's some scratching going on to get those fish.

I think the lake is undergoing a bit of a change. There's weeds in places that didn't use to have weeds, and the weedy spots are choked in pretty good. I know part of this is due to the early spring and lack of rain this year, but I think its more than that.

The other notable change is the fishing. Largemouth bass have become very common on the lake. The lake is still fantastic for smallies, but the number, and importantly, the size of the largemouth has changed radically over the past couple of seasons, especially since the flooding in 2009.

On Oconomowoc, the baitfish population is huge right now. I'm not sure if its summer peak, a fresh spawn, or lack of feeding by the larger gamefish, but the larger fish sure have plenty to eat right now.

This morning, I went out with a friend and I caught a dozen bass 12-19inches (9LM, 3SM) casting along patches of weeds on the deep edges of structure. I mixed it up a bit, throwing some tubes, wacky, jigworms and trickworms. We caught fish on everything, but every fish I caught today was close to a patch of weeds that had visible baitfish in them. (I also broke off a monster pike right by the boat that inhaled my wacky worm). Since the action was a little slow, and I wanted my friend Bob to catch a bunch of fish, we headed over to Silver Lake to finish out our outing today (we caught almost 50 bass, including 6 fish 18 inches or better in around three hours there) , but in retrospect, I'd like to go back to Oconomowoc and pitch some jig/chunk combos into the holes of the weed patches. I think I would catch some quality fish doing this, especially out of the weeds where I was seeing baitfish.

If you ever want to chat about local fishing techniques or locations or if you're interested in a guide trip or fishing lesson on a local lake...feel free to drop me a line via email.  It is going to be silly hot again this week, but check in again for the regular fishing report this weekend.


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