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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the water....

I have been out a bunch lately. Summer patterns are in full effect, although getting sporadic reports that people are having trouble patterning fish this season. Given the crazy weather we have had, I'm not surprised to hear this.

The best advice I can give is to stick to your guns, but understand that a little adjustment, a tweak here or there might be necessary. It has been hot  (as in temperature), and the fish are biting, but slowing down and being a little more methodical about your approach might be necessary.

For example, I'm catching lots of fish off the traditional mid-depth break lines (classic early to mid summer pattern), but I'm making a little adjustment to fish on the deeper side of the break, and to slow way down. The fish are where they are supposed to be, but a slower approach is triggering bites....which if you put two and two together...warm weather/sluggish fish...makes perfect sense.

Here's some pictures. Averaging better than 50 fish a trip on Silver right now.

Jay with a nice one from this morning.

 Mike with a nice one from Golden Lake early this morning.

Patrice with one of more than 50 from Mid-Day on Friday.

My academic mentor, Bob Drechsel with a Silver Lake bass..caught on the first cast with his shiny new St Croix.

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