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Friday, May 11, 2012

Okauchee Trips 5-11-12

Tale of two days today.

Morning Run: Fished 8:30-1pmish. Tough bite, scratched out some LM and Pike by  mixing up presentations in areas adjacent to spawning areas. Nothing consistent about the bite: Some came on wacky-rigs, a couple more on skirted grubs, and a couple more on lipless crankbaits. I didn't see many bass cruising, but did see a mid 40's musky with a 14inch-ish bass sticking out of his mouth swimming around in upper Oconomowoc.

Switched gears about 1:30, made a move to jig worms on the open areas on the windy flats and jig and craws in close...big change. Started hitting fish almost immediately, and started seeing some quality fish as the afternoon wore on. Ended the day with several quality fish (17+ inches) including a monster thick, prespawn female LM in Tierney that was pushing 5lbs, just before we called it a day.

Caught some nice fish on a 6" jigworm with a 3/32 ounce head fishing around the scattered weeds. Casting the jigworm was the most consistent producer, especially when making some drifts on the windy flat areas in Stumpy, Whitigers, The Saddle and Icehouse. Got out of the wind in some areas between drifts, and went after the fish in the shallow grass with a Dewy Special Jig and a Yum Craw Pappy trailer, both in natural green colors.

Only thing consistent was that fish came out of areas where there were visible baitfish. No food=no fish today- a equation that was certainly true this morning, but especially true this afternoon. Better fish were away from shore, but close to scattered weeds. (Otherwise known as classic pre-spawn LM activity) Still only seeing a few beds. Warmest water was 68 when I pulled out, up from 58 this morning.

Windy, but an otherwise beautiful day. Set to be a great week ahead. Good Luck....

Cheers, CT

PS: Pictures when I can get them up.

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