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Friday, May 25, 2012

Golden Lake 5-25-12

Out this morning for a bit before the holiday weekend. Hit Golden.

Boats out already when I got to the ramp just after 5am. Lots of people chasing panfish. Didn't see too many keepers in shallow, but talked to some folks that were getting some nice ones out a little deeper.

For me, bass fishing. Caught a few on a wacky, a few more flipping/pitching, and a decent batch on a jig worm.The jig worm fished over and through patches of scattered weeds on flat areas continues to produce numbers. I caught fish on five consecutive casts this morning.

Ended the day around 11am with 20 bass in total. 13-15" was pretty consistent for size (Typical for Golden) but did have a couple around 17" and a nice 19.5" as well. Fish were away from shore, chasing baitfish in the scattered weeds. I would have caught more, but took me a bit to hammer in the pattern with a couple of depth adjustments. Water was 67-70 degrees, which was much cooler than I thought it would be.

Have a great holiday...and thank a vet for their service.
Cheers, CT

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