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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fishing Report 4-3-2012

Crappies and bluegills are actively biting on many area lakes, especially in the afternoon on the warmer sunny days. The key is the activity level of the fish. The cooler weather has reduced the distance the fish will swim to bite. Keep your presentation tight to cover/current breaks/green weeds, and you'll catch fish.

If you're heading out, look for panfish in shallow, dark-bottom areas, especially if there are reeds or weeds left over from last season. Water temperatures are lower than they had been in the mainlake areas, but the shallow bays and boat channels are still in the  mid to high 50's in many of the protected areas.

If the bite is tough, go small/downsize: waxworms and spikes on a very small hook or icefishing jig will catch as many fish as minnows most days. Mix it up, and be ready for anything. Plastics have been catching better fish than live bait for me this season.

Okauchee, Moose, Golden, Lower Nemahbin, and Middle Genessee have been the best, but Forest, Kessus, North and Oconomowoc are also producing. The crappie bite on Pine has gotten very tough, and some of the fish which had moved into the channels on Nagawicka, are back out off the first drop.

A couple of warm sunny afternoons will really get things going again.

Good Luck.

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