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Friday, July 22, 2011

My friends at Viking Outposts have some openings

If you have the opportunity to go fishing in Ontario, I highly recommend the fly-in experience. It will be a week you won't forget.

If you're looking for a great outfitter, Viking Outposts ( gets a recommendation from me.

I have fished  their outposts over the years, and every time is a trip to remember. You leave from Red Lake, and spend a week fishing a lake for walleye, perch and pike by yourself. On one trip, my dad and I caught more than 1000 gamefish in a week of fishing.

They have some late season openings, starting today.

Domain Lake July 22-29
Viking Island July 23-30
Rheaume Lake July 21- August 4
Dolphin Lake August 6- 13
Telescope Lake August 12-19

Contact them:
Craig and Roseanne 1-807-727-3461 Hugh 1-807-727-2262 Enid 1-807-727-0321

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