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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fishing Report 6-14-2011

Looks like the weather is finally settling down, and I'm getting alot of emails about specific lakes. So a here's a quickie report on local lakes.

Okauchee: Weed growth catching up, but still behind schedule. Bass are off their beds, and many fish are still protecting fry. Larger fish are feeding on spawning bluegills in2-12 feet of water. Pike fishing has been slow and steady, with most fish being caught on spinners in 6-10 feet around sctattered weed clumps. Musky fishing has been slow, but anglers are starting to see more agressive fish, especially along the breaks in 12-18 feet. Crappies are done spawning, and are suspending over deeper water, but bluegills continue to spawn in the shallows.

Oconomowoc: Bass are moving on the breaks, but more largemouth than smallmouth are being caught. Northern pike fishing has been red hot, especially on live bait. Walleye fishing has been best along major structure in the early mornings and late evenings, with split shot and lindy rigged leeches and small suckers catching the majority of the fish. Musky fishing is slow, but lots of follows are being reported, especially along the east shore of the bigger lake. Panfish are spawning along the breaks and in the sand as deep as 15 feet.

Lac Labelle: Walleye fishing is picking back up after a lake-fly hatch slow down. Weed edges along the 8-12 foot breaks are holding fish. Musky have been actively chasing, especially topwaters fished early in the morning...I know of at least one 45+ inch fish caught this way in the last three days. Panfish and whitebass have been slow....carp hunters I have spoken with are reporting mixed success....lots of fish, but they are running small.

Moose: Bass and pike are active and biting along the breaks and weed clumps in shallow water. Bluegills are spawning, but nearly done. Look for better gills in 8-12 feet, away from the shallow spawners.

Ashipunn: Bass and pike have been slow and steady, with lots of undersize fish being caught. Concentrate on the weed patches, and work them from a variety of angles to trigger strikes. Early morning buzzbait fishing has been producing, as have twister tail grubs and texas rigs.

Golden: Bluegills are spawning in most areas of the lake. Better sized gills have been coming from 10-15 feet, in sandy areas adjacent to where gills are spawning in the shallows. Bass have been active, but mostly undersized. Topwaters, plastics and spinners are all producing, especially early and late. Pike have been biting, especially on small suckers fished along the deep weedlines.

Silver: Typical summer conditions for Silver. Water is gin clear, especially on the east end. Bluegills are spawning in 6-15 feet, look for open sandy patches, especially on the west end. Weed growth has really taken off as the milfoil has entered the lake, and bass can be caught using plastics around the weed clumps in 4-15 feet. Some pike have been biting deep diving crankbaits off the major break lines by the reedy point and off the boy scout camp area.

Nagawicka: Bass fishing is steady. Largemouths are on the docks, in the slop and along the shallow weed edges. Smallmouth are using the rocky and sandy shorelines, holding just off the break, but coming in to feed. Pike have been very agressive, especially on wide wobbling shallow crankbaits or buzzbaits fished over weed edges. Bluegills are spawning, but reports have been mixed on size and catch rates. I haven't heard anything about walleyes this past week to 10 days.

Pewaukee: Wed growth is hampering fishing efforts, and musky fishing has been slow by most reports. Bass fishing has been the hot bite this year, with lots of bass being taken on plastics or jig and trailer combos flipped into holes in shallow weed patches.

That's the information I have for right now. I'll get another report up for the weekend, but if you like this format better than how I usually do it, let me know by adding a comment to this post, or by emailing me here.


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