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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pewaukee Pro Mac Musky Tournament Results

I have gotten lots of emails from people about the Pewaukee Pro-Mac Musky Tournament.

From the Pro-Mac Website:

The Professional Muskie Angler Circuit™ (Pro-MAC™) open its inaugural season on Pewaukee Lake Saturday,May 21st with a one day qualifier, the same location where it will finish the year with the Invitational Championship and the largest cash prize ever for a muskie tournament series finally. A full field of teams and ideal fishing conditions weren't enough to make the reluctant resident muskies to bite as there would be only eight legal fish registered for the tilt.

The first team to score on a muskie for the contest, and the team that forever will own the distinction of being the first to ever register a muskie during a Pro-MAC™ event, would be tallied by Rob Kahl and Chad Peterson with a 36.25" muskie at 7:08am. By 9:38am, Scott Gagliano and Brian Kastner would be done fishing for the day when they scored their second muskie for the contest, a 36.50 incher to add to their earlier fish of 37 inches at 9:02am. At 10:52am, the duo of Scott Lewandowski and Marcus Malyuk would land a 34.50" muskie to get on the board, however they weren't done for the day as they would be the last team to register a muskie for the event at 2:48pm with a 39.75 incher eclipsing the leaders by three quarters of an inch to win the event. The father and son team of Frank and James Formolo would tally a 39" muskie at 12:10pm finishing in 4th place. Capturing third place with a 39.50 incher would be Doug and Don Grant when they scored at 1:03pm. Aaron Berg and Chris Loeffler would join in on the action with a muskie of 34 inches at 1:42pm.

You can read their whole post, and see pictures of the fish at the Pro-Mac website:here

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