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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rock River-Mouth to Jefferson

Hey gang,

I don't want to say this, as I'm not much of gambling man, and especially as the weather turned south today, but based on the rising water, the moon phase and the water temperature, I would expect this weekend and early next week to be close to peak on the walleye run.

It always comes on so fast in Jefferson. When he was still around, Musky Mike and I would have the same conversation every year. As time has passed, I also seem to have a similar conversation with Becky Smith in most years. I know its a traditionally short run, and the spawning areas in the river are limited, but it really does move into prime time very quickly there.

Reports for the mouth suggest heavy fishing pressure, but with lots of anglers grabbing legal sized fish. That's a sure fire indication that the male fish are starting to move into the river in groups. If the reports I am seeing are accurate, the females will move in quickly and head for the spawning areas in the next 10-15 days.

It's time to hit the water.

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