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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fishing Report 3-18-11


Spring is upon us, and river fishing is starting to pick up.

Fishing in the Dells appears to be hitting its stride. Walleye are coming out of both deep and shallow water, and anglers are reporting several periods of fish activity per day. If the bite is tough, try drifting with a split shot or lindy rig in place of a jig. Sometimes the subtle presentation is better.

Looking for a fish for the wall? The run has also started at Depere. It is still early by all accounts, so there's more fish rather than the big fish that will move in, but none the less, anglers are reporting consistent success. Jerkbaits, jig and minnow, and lindy rigs are all producing.

Closer to home, things are just getting started on the Rock River between Jefferson and the mouth. Anglers are starting to pick up a few fish at Blackhawk, as well as at the mouth of the Bark River. The Starpole hole has been producing some smaller fish, as well as the S turn. The water is below average levels for this time of year, but flows are steady. Watch your prop if moving through the Jefferson Rapids, or below the dam. I recommend anchoring with three way rigs, especially in areas with slack water adjacent to the holes.

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